A New Smart City Brand for Seoul
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A new Smart City Brand for Seoul

Elevating a premier city globally

In partnership with Seoul, we analyzed their global Smart City position, pinpointed optimization areas, and crafted an inspiring new Smart City Brand. Our mission: to position Seoul as a trailblazer on the international Smart City landscape.

The challenge

In an era of intense global competition for investment, talent, and new opportunities, effective branding has become increasingly vital for cities. Just as companies communicate their vision and unique identity, cities must differentiate themselves through strategic branding. This is especially crucial in the realm of Smart Cities, where the term “smart” is widely used but true differentiation is essential.

In 2022, Seoul asked Anteverti for advice to create a pioneering Smart City brand. The goal was to position Seoul as a world-leading Smart City that leverages cutting-edge digital innovation to enhance the well-being, inclusion, and quality of life for its residents. This strategic partnership aimed to strengthen Seoul’s reputation and ensure its recognition as a cutting-edge Smart City on a global scale.


Through our own PDMBP methodology, we analyzed Seoul’s global Smart City position, compared it to 13 global leading cities and crafted an inspiring new Smart City Brand for South Korea’s capital.

Our approach

Anteverti tackled Seoul’s Smart City branding challenge through the implementation of our comprehensive methodology, PDMBP (Purpose, DNA, Market Research, Branding, and Positioning).

Our support began with an in-depth diagnostic phase, analyzing Seoul’s digital visibility, international presence, past Smart City branding efforts, and the desired purpose for the new brand. Through meticulous research, we conducted a comparative analysis of Smart City brands from 13 global competitor cities. This analysis identified trends, areas for optimization specific to Seoul, and replicable best practices in strategy, visual identity, and brand governance.

The impact

As a result of this rigorous process, we developed a robust proposal for Seoul’s new Smart City brand, which effectively communicates Seoul’s city model, value proposition and uniqueness to global audiences.

The proposal encompasses a carefully crafted name, tagline, and brand narrative, laying out the foundational principles and key messages to guide its implementation. Furthermore, our proposal includes comprehensive guidelines for digital and offline products, enabling Seoul to bring the brand to life across various touchpoints. To further enhance global visibility, we have also outlined a series of short and medium-term initiatives.

The first occasion on which Seoul showcased its new Smart City Brand was at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, where the Korean capital presented its new concept through its booth and promotional merchandise.


With our partnership, Seoul is poised to emerge as a world-leading Smart City, capturing attention, investment, and recognition on the international stage, and effectively communicating its commitment to innovation, well-being, and an enhanced quality of life for its residents.
Smart Seoul

Seoul's new Smart City Brand at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023.

Smart Seoul

Seoul's new Smart City Brand at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023.

  • Associates: Seoul Digital Foundation + Seoul Metropolitan Government + Yonsei University
  • Execution period: 2022-2023
  • City: Seoul
  • Population: 9,9 million
  • Cliente:

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