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Our team of experts from unique and diverse backgrounds have delivered fresh perspectives, impactful insights and solutions since 2011. Driven by a strategic vision and close collaboration, our mission is to empower cities, governments, and companies to unlock their full potential, enabling them to seize global opportunities and create a better future through innovation, creativity, and sustainability.



Our Areas of Work & Services


Future Cities

Opportunity attraction



Innovation processes
Transformation of business models
Economic revitalization plans

By harnessing our deep expertise and up-to-date knowledge of urban trends, we empower cities, governments, and organisations to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. Our strategic guidance and forward-thinking approach enable them to think innovatively and discover new solutions to emerging challenges.

Future Cities

Smart City roadmaps
Urban development strategies
Urban agendas

We help to unlock the unlimited potential for transformation in urban challenges. Our holistic Smart City model enables governments and cities to plan a future where innovation and technology provide a high-quality, sustainable life today and for future generations.

Opportunity attraction

Market and feasibility studies
Identification of financing opportunities
Portfolio for attracting opportunity

As we dive into sectors, explore markets, and follow future trends, we identify potential and create new opportunities for growth and profitability. Fuelled by deep research and bold strategy, we help organisations to stay one step ahead of the future and create impact in global and local contexts.


Internationalisation plans
Events & conferences
Story creation, discourse & storytelling
City Branding

In a fiercely competitive and constantly evolving world, developing your unique voice is essential. We help cities and businesses to reveal their distinctive qualities, identify their potential, connect with their relevant audiences, maximise opportunities, and create powerful synergies.

Our Clients

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Pilar Conesa


Cristina Garrido


Manu Fernández

Deputy Director General

Raül Daussà

Consulting Director

Mons Badia

Head of Unit

Sergio García i Rodríguez

Head of Communication

Carla Sanmartín

Head Of Administration

Balbina Rocosa

Senior Consultant

Tatiane Martins Carrer

Senior Consultant

Alex Ivančić

Senior Consultant.

Mireia Tudurí


Albert Tapia


Anna González


Valeria Andrade


Clàudia Gomis


Berta Fernández


Martina Jané i Curtu

Communications Consultant


Esteve Almirall

Senior Expert Advisor

Tere Serra

Senior Expert Advisor.

Boyd Cohen

Senior Expert Advisor

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