Smart Tordera

A smart roadmap
for a small city

The Challenge

Not only big metropolises can develop a Smart City strategy and move towards a sustainable, inclusive, intelligent urban planning and management model. In that regard, since 2013, the Provincial Council of Barcelona has been developing actions oriented to foster and promote the smart cities model in the 311 municipalities of its territory, and making co-funding available for them to this end.

In this framework, Tordera, a town of 17,000 inhabitants located 50 km north of Barcelona, decided to develop its Smart City strategy in 2018.

Our Support and Impact

We at Anteverti helped the City Council of Tordera through this process, providing expert support in:

  • Analyzing the current state of the municipality as a smart city, assessing the ongoing initiatives — policies, plans, and programs —, as well as its needs in order to define coherent future proposals.
  • Defining a roadmap to allow planning the transition of the municipality towards a smart city model, setting the key objectives and actions of the strategy.
  • Establishing a governance structure for the City Council team of Tordera to ensure the decision-making process and the assignment of responsibilities for the execution and monitoring of the Smart City strategy and its initiatives work properly.
  • Execution Period: 2018
  • Associates: Provincial Council of Barcelona
  • City: Tordera
  • Population: 17,000

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