Valeria Andrade


Valeria Andrade is an expert in metropolitan and sustainable mobility, affordable housing, education, public-private partnerships and tourism, and has expertise in project management and organization of corporate events. Since 2022, she works in Anteverti as a Senior Congress Specialist of the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Before joining Anteverti, Valeria worked for 6 years in Barcelona Global, an association aiming to make Barcelona a world-class economic hub. This experience has given her the opportunity to work hand in hand with companies and key actors to find specific solutions, and to organize and manage the logistics of projects and events. Valeria also collaborated in the elaboration of the documentary 'Barcelona 2050: Urgent Challenges for a Sustainable Future' (2020).

She holds a BA in Political Sciences (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) and a specialization in International Relations, Geopolitics and Global Governance (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya - IBEI).


metropolitan & sustainable mobility | affordable housing |  education | public-private partnerships | tourism | corporate events