Mireia Tudurí


Mireia Tudurí has been working at anteverti since 2018 as a consultant in the framework of several local projects, with institutions such as the City Council of Barcelona or the Provincial Council of Barcelona. At the same time, Mireia works as Programme Coordinator of the editions of the Smart City Expo held abroad.

Mireia's background and expertise allow her to be a specialist in globalization, migrations and sustainable development, with an emphasis on coastal areas. Before joining anteverti, Mireia worked for the Barcelona Global association, where she collaborated in projects related to the attraction of talent and economic activity in Barcelona -from both an international and local approach-, as well as in communication tasks with the members of the association.

Mireia holds a BA in Applied Languages (Universitat Pompeu Fabra and University of Westminster) and a Master in International Relations (IBEI), with a focus on globalization, migration and development.


International Relations, Globalization, Migration, City Branding and Development.