Esteve Almirall

Esteve Almirall serves as Associate Professor at ESADE Business School, where his research focus is on innovation, and particularly on open innovation. His work has been referenced in HBR and he is a frequent speaker in conferences concerning innovation, smart cities, living labs and open data/gov. Esteve regularly collaborates with Anteverti as a external expert consultant.

His background is a mix of Management Science (PhD, MRes, MBA) and Computer Science (MSc, MRes). Esteve is also highly involved in European Projects and European Union-related organizations, having coordinated and participated in many EU projects on innovation and smart cities.

Esteve Almirall is passionate about how IT can be used to redefine governance and reinvent citizenship in the 21st century -  transforming cities from service providers to ecosystem orchestrators, and therefore fostering growth and promoting entrepreneurship.


open innovation | smart cities | living labs | enterpreneurship | digital social innovation | european projects | open cities