Ana Alcantud

Consulting Director

Ana Alcantud is Anteverti's Consulting Director for local, European and international projects, and has 25 years of experience in the development of strategies and plans linked to sustainable urban development and economic growth, innovation, smart cities and citizen involvement. She also has extensive experience leading European projects - 6PM, 7PM, LIFE, URBACT, UIA and Horizon 2020 - and advising organizations such as the UN or the World Bank.

Ana has been validated as a Lead Expert of the URBACT Programme of the European Union, in the areas of integrated urban regeneration, environmental issues and sustainable housing.

Ana Alcantud is a sociologist, she holds a postgraduate degree in Local Government, Sustainability and Participation (UAB) and has been certified by IESE's Program for Management Development. She is part of the Advisory Board of the Fundaci√≥ √ąpica of La Fura dels Baus.


smart & sustainable urban development | innovation | public policy, governance & participation