Alex Ivancic

Senior Consultant

Alex holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering, M.Sc. in Termoenergetics, and a Ph.D. in Thermal Science. His professional interest is mainly focused on energy planning and the development of energy systems in urban environments. Alex is equally committed to researching, practicing and teaching. In the last ten years, Alex contributed to a number of outstanding urban projects in Europe and Latin America. He was a scientific director and a co-author of the Barcelona Energy Improvement Plan, a long-term strategic and implementation plan, establishing the framework for the energy policy adopted by the City Council in 2002. The Plan received the European Award “Climate Star” from the Climate Alliance. Alex has published more than sixty scientific and technical papers relating to energy systems, urban infrastructures, renewable energies, renewable integration in urban space, energy planning, heat and mass transfer and computational fluid dynamics. He also published the book titled EnergyScapes (2010 Gustavo Gili).


Energy Planning, Energy Infrastructures, Technological Roadmaps, Urban Metabolism, Sustainability