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En el artículo se destaca el papel de anteverti en relación a las Smart Cities, su importancia en definir estrategias e identificar problemas y soluciones de cada ciudad. Pilar Conesa explica la consolidación del Smart City WorldCongress (SCWC) en el mundo, sus retos de futuro y debate sobre la implicación necesaria entre el sector público y privado para el progreso de las ciudades.


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John Moore, founder and CEO of Government in A better people

John Moore is the founder and CEO of Government in The Lab (now refunded as “A better people”), an online magazine focused on delivering the best information possible on government, politics, human rights, and everything in between.

John Moore from anteverti on Vimeo.

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Peter Kageyama

Peter Kageyama is an internationally recognized expert on community development and grassroots engagement. He is the author of “For the Love of Cities” which explores in detail the value of emotional engagement with our cities, how that connection is created and nurtured, and how it can be turned into a development resource for places.

More information at For the Love of Cities

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Jeb Brugmann, Managing Partner. The Next Practice LTD

Jeb Brugmann, Managing Partner. The Next Practice LTD from anteverti on Vimeo.

Jeb Brugmann is a leading practitioner and thinker on strategy and the process of innovation. For 25 years he has been devising solutions to help local communities access the benefits of globalization, and to help global organizations engage in local communities and markets. His work focuses particularly on the critical contribution of innovation at the micro-level of the locality, business model, or consumer cluster to achieve macro-level strategy objectives.


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Heike Barlag, Chief Coordinator of the “Green Emotion” project

Heike Barlag, Chief Coordinator of the “Green Emotion” project from anteverti on Vimeo.

Barlag studied chemistry at the University of Münster and specialized in electrochemistry when she worked on her PhD. She also has extense knowledge about programming. Her first job when she started working at Siemens CT in Erlangen in 2001 was to develop fuel cells. In 2004 she moved to the Biosensor unit. She was eventually promoted to project manager there, and this enabled her to gain initial experience in leading interdisciplinary groups, which now helps her to overcome typical barriers.

She currently is the Chief Coordinator of the “Green Emotion” project, an European Union initiative, whose members intend to establish a system that will allow electric vehicles in Europe to recharge their batteries across the whole continent thanks to standardized voltages, power sockets, and software. The project is being funded by the EU as part of the seventh Research Framework Programme and it will gather 42 project partners from 12 countries over the next four years, and manage the EU’s €24 million funding contribution.



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150 anys del Ferrocarril de Sarrià 1863-2013

150 anys ferrocarril imatgeÉs el 150è aniversari del ferrocarril de Sarrià, i l’FGC i l’Intra Scape Lab de l’UPC han organitzat (els propers 14, 21 i 28 d’octubre de 2013) un cicle de conferències al voltant del passat, el present i el futur del ferrocarril i de com la implantació d’aquest medi de transport va contribuir a la modernització de Barcelona i de moltes altres ciutats internacionals com Londres, Nova York o Buenos Aires.

Alvaro Nicolás, Enginyer de Camins i Consultor a anteverti, hi participarà en la sessió d’avui dilluns 14 d’octubre, amb la presentació Les xarxes metropolitanes: dels ferrocarrils als metros. Comparativa entre Londres, Nova York i Barcelona, basada en un estudi realitzat amb en Jordi Julià Sort per a Barcelona Regional, sobre les xarxes de transport col·lectives a les àries urbanes i del seu paper en la configuració de l’estructura de les ciutats. L’estudi va ser publicat l’any 2006 en el llibre redes metropolitanas, de l’editorial Gustavo Gili.

Alvaro Nicolás és Enginyer de Camins, Canals i Ports (UPC, 2003). Està especialitzat en planificació estratègica de ciutats i de la mobilitat, també Màster de Planificació Urbana Internacional (the Bartlett School of Planning, 2007).

Dilluns, 14 d’Octubre de 2013
Barcelona-Nova York-Londres-Buenos Aires 1863-2013. L’inici dels ferrocarrils metropolitans en perspectiva
Espai Provença
Estació Provença FGC (entrada Roselló/Balmes)
De 17:00 a 20:00h.


17:00 – Inauguració
Josep Oriol, Degà del Col·legi d’Enginyers de Camins Canals i Ports

17:15 – La introducció de la modernitat a les ciutats de Barcelona-Londres-Nova York-Buenos Aires: a través de ferrocarril i els serveis urbans
Francesc Magrinyà, Dr Enginyer de Camins de la UPC

18:00 - El model de mobilitat, Central Station, Nova York i Guastavino
Agàpit Borràs, Arquitecte

18:45 - Les xarxes metropolitanes:dels ferrocarrils als metros. Comparativa entre Londres, Nova York i Barcelona
Alvaro Nicolás, Enginyer de Camins

19:30-20:00 - Taula Rodona

Més informació: http://www.fgc.cat/downloads/conferencies_150.pdf

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Smart Cities and Smart Vehicles. ESADE ALUMNI


The ESADE Alumni Automobile Club is organising a session that will examine current trends in smart-city projects and the opportunities and threats they pose to the automotive industry.

Over the next few decades, cities will become the main focal point of worldwide development as a majority of the global population will become urban dwellers. How will new cities be built? How will existing cities be transformed? The answers to these questions are essential to the future of humankind. Vehicles play a crucial role in mobility and must adapt to the new technologies that will run our cities.

Pilar Conesa, Smart City World Congress Director
Santi Castellà, SEAT e-Mobility Strategy
Antony Brey, CEO of Urbiotica
Sergi Herrero, COO of L’Atelier BNP (participating via Skype)

Date: 15 October 2013
Time: 19:00
Place: ESADEFORUM. Av. Pedralbes 60-62. Barcelona
Language: Spanish

More information: 

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Andreas Lykke-Olesen. Ph.D, Architect MAA, Co-Funder and Partner of Kollision

Andreas is an architect migrated from traditional physical design towards interaction design both within research, teaching and business. Andreas has conducted research within the field of pervasive computing exploring the merge of physical and digital space focusing on domains such as schools, libraries and museums. He did his PhD at the interdisciplinary Center for Interactive Spaces titled Space as Interface. The project explores potentials of utilizing physical space as the interface between users and the increasing technology embedded into our surroundings. After his PhD Andreas was employed as assistant professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture where he has been teaching and researching at the Department for Design until 2008 where he left the school to work full time at Kollision. 


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Kulveer Ranger, Former Director of Digital London and Former Adviser for the Mayor of London

In May 2008 Kulveer Ranger was appointed to lead on policy direction for transport on behalf of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, sitting on the board of Transport for London and overseeing the relationship between the Greater London Authority and TfL.

From 2008-11 he advised on all transport modes and infrastructure projects, and developed the new 20 year Mayor’s Transport Strategy. He ensured the development of the new Routemaster Bus, the Smoothing Traffic Flow policy and led the delivery of the successful ‘Boris Bike’ cycle hire scheme.

In March 2011 Kulveer created the Mayor’s Digital London office. He established the mayor’s digital strategy focusing on improving city wide connectivity, specifically working on the ‘super-connected cities’ programme with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport. He led the development of new digital platforms for public engagement including growing the London Data Store and worked with the Prime Minister’s office to support the growth of the technology cluster ‘Tech City’ in East London.

He sits on the Digital City Exchange research board for Imperial College London and has recently joined Serco.

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Smart City Expo Bogotá 2013


“Ciudades sustentables e innovadoras al servicio de una ciudadanía inteligente”. Ese es el lema de Smart City Expo Bogotá 2013, congreso que se celebró del 2 al 4 de octubre de 2013 en la capital colombiana.

Organizado por Fira Barcelona (organizador del evento de referencia mundial Smart City Expo World Congress), Corferias (organizador de los mayores eventos en Colombia) y Alcaldía de Bogotá, el evento tuvo como objetivo llevar el debate y las soluciones de las “Smart Cities” más cerca de las ciudades de Colombia y América Latina.

Dimitri Zenghelis, Carlo Ratti, Alejandro Piscitelli, Pilar Conesa, Carlos Moreno, Praveen Subramani, Boyd Cohen, Jane Martin, Salvador Rueda, Brent Toderian, o el Alcalde de Bogotá Gustavo Petro fueron sólo algunos de los ponentes destacados.

Todo el programa y más información en: http://www.smartcityexpobogota.com/index.cfm?doc=home&intIdioma=1&StrIdioma=es


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