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  • Senior Expertise

    20+ years of executive experience in public administrations and private companies.

  • International Focus

    International presence, undertaking projects in Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Africa.

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    Constantly building close relationships with talent from all over the globe.

  • Independent and Tailored Services

    Tailored recommendations and independent solutions for our client's needs.


anteverti provides tailored strategic planning. Working closely with each of our clients, we reach a deep understanding of their challenges, capabilities and aims for the future, in order to help them achieve their goals. Our services include:

As a world pioneer in Smart Cities, anteverti provides an advisory role for cities addressing today’s complex challenges. Thanks to our international expertise in urban innovation, and always bringing a tailored approach, we assist city leaders in making cities smarter as well as more open, collaborative and sustainable in every way.

New challenges require organizational transformation and a redesign of management models through innovation. anteverti provides strategic planning and roadmaps, addressing the challenges of cities and companies with smart and innovative approaches, and accompanying them through the adaptation process that these changes entail.

Managers from both public and private organizations need to make decisions in a complex and changing environment. With a wide experience in management models, innovation and ICT, anteverti offers advisory services with cutting-edge knowledge of best practices and decision-making.

Today’s projects are becoming more and more complex, due to the multiplicity of factors critical to their success. Innovation, strategic considerations, long- and short-term impact, and the growing importance of public-private partnerships are all elements to be considered in every phase of project management. anteverti takes this complexity into account when delivering management services – creating multidisciplinary teams built for the specific characteristics of each project.

Innovation, participation, resilience or ICT can bring opportunities for significant improvements in public and private organizations. Drawing on its wide network and expertise, anteverti designs and organizes workshops with international experts to help companies and public administrations identify challenges and opportunities, and to hone action planning around specific topics.

Congresses and conferences are an invaluable opportunity for networking and for staying current with the latest trends in different fields. With knowledge and expertise in the fields of cities, innovation and management, anteverti researches and curates conferences and congresses at an international level.

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anteverti (from Latin) anteverto -vertere -verti -versum

[to come or go before, precede], [to anticipate, prevent].


anteverti is an independent consulting firm that advises cities and companies in adapting to new contexts and facing new challenges through innovation. Formed by a multidisciplinary team and a network of highly qualified experts based in Barcelona and around the world, anteverti delivers advisory and consulting services. Its expertise includes Smart Cities, Urban Innovation, Sustainability & Resilience, Open Government, Social Innovation & Citizen Engagement or Collaborative Cities (Co-Cities), among other fields. anteverti also applies its expertise in Smart Cities to help companies define their business development strategy.

anteverti was founded in 2011 by Pilar Conesa as a result of her executive experience in public and private organizations. Pilar Conesa is also Congress Curator of the Smart City Expo World Congress, and the former CIO of the Barcelona City Council.



"In a changing and complex world, organizations need to predict and innovate in order to adapt to new contexts and to face new challenges."


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